Taco Bell South Boston #031681 Tacoma Store of the Year

Roanoke, Virginia (April 9, 2018) - RGM Geneva Carrington accepted the Tacoma 2017 Store of the Year Award at Tacoma's Annual Managers Meeting in Roanoke on Tuesday, April 9, 2017.   President Tim Reith acknowledged the top 3 Store performers, Brambleton Road - Roanoke; Franklin Road- Roanoke and E58 - South Boston were in a dead performance heat of excellence.   "The CORE, Voice of the Customer, Food Cost and Labor metrics were all qualifiers.  South Boston scored Tacoma's first 101% on their CORE (Taco Bell independant Internal Audit of Food Safety), which put them over the top" said Reith.   The CORE focuses on food temperature control, product quality, handling and dating, approved products and distributors, hand and personal hygiene, pest prevention and general restaurant cleanliness and sanitation.